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Build Your Own Plan

Build Your Own Plan gives you meals to use for the entire semester at our All-You-Care to eat dining halls.

Block Options:
  • 50 Block ($375, $7.50 per meal)
  • 80 Block ($560, $7.00 per meal)
  • 120 Block ($775, $6.46 per meal)
Flex Dollars Options:
  • $190
  • $400
  • $600
The Build Your Own Plan comes with either $190, $400 or $600 Flex Dollars to use at our restaurants. Flex Dollars that is associated to meal plans will carry forward to Spring when a Spring meal plan is purchased.

The B.Y.O.P gives is available to Junior, Senior, and Commuter students. This meal gives students the chance to choose their desired amount of blocks and flex dollars. An amount from each category is required to be chosen. The cost of the plan will depend on amount of blocks and the amount of Flex Dollars chosen.